Brad knows that access to quality and affordable healthcare continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing Wisconsin families. We must continue to level the playing field by increasing access to quality care and lowering costs for everyone. Brad will fight to expand BadgerCare, invest in rural healthcare infrastructure, protect individuals with pre-existing conditions, and lower prescription drug costs.

We have no time to waste when it comes to healthy communities. That’s why Brad introduced legislation in the State Senate to cap the cost of insulin and create Wisconsin’s first-ever Office of Prescription Drug Affordability to lower prescription drug costs so everyone in Wisconsin can afford their medications.

Robust Infrastructure

It is time to continue to invest in our water infrastructure, fix our roads, and get back to building things. The best way to jumpstart economic recovery is by getting people back to work and pursuing more sustainable revenue sources to improve public infrastructure.

In the State Senate, Brad has supported policies to provide additional funding to improve our rural roads, assist communities impacted by flooding, and repair Wisconsin’s bridges and public infrastructure.


Slow or non-existent internet has become a fact of life for too many rural residents. It needs to become a thing of the past, and Brad won’t stop until we fix it.

As a member of Governor Evers Task Force on Broadband Access, Brad worked hard to bridge the rural-urban divide by successfully advocating for a $129 million investment broadband expansion — the largest in state history.

In Madison, Brad will continue to use his passion and breadth of knowledge on this issue to leave politics at the door and help bring reliable internet to rural communities across western Wisconsin.


Every working family wants to give their parents, godparents, and elders the help they need to retire with dignity and comfort. Brad will support eldercare providers and seniors and work to make sure nobody gets priced out of essential services like at-home care our nursing home residency.

He also knows that investing in the Care Economy creates new economic opportunities for working families. When a new facility can open, or an existing one can expand—we create good-paying jobs. Brad will support efforts to ensure nurses, administrators, and care staff have the resources they need to succeed.

Strong Economy

Too many Wisconsin families are struggling to make ends meet. It’s time to level the playing field and provide greater economic opportunities for working families.

Brad is committed to making childcare more affordable, raising worker wages, expanding workplace flexibilities, and strengthening family medical leave protections so that everyone who works hard can get ahead.


Excellent education is a cornerstone to Wisconsin’s success. Everyone deserves access to a high-quality education from childcare and 4K to high school and post-secondary education. After years of cuts, we need to restore Wisconsin’s position as a leader in education. Brad will work hard to strengthen our local schools and retain quality teachers.

The La Crosse area is fortunate to have best-in-class colleges and universities. However, for students to unlock their full potential, they can’t be discouraged by a mountain of debt. Brad will continue to support solutions to tackle the debt crisis, decrease the cost of education, and level the barriers to entry for people of all backgrounds.

Family Farms

Growing up on a farm, Brad learned at a young age that when times are tough, you pull together as a family and as neighbors, and you move forward – Together. Agriculture is more than just a farmer’s business; it’s a way of life and a supply chain that employs one out of every nine people in Wisconsin and serves as the bedrock for local economies across the state.

Brad knows that farmers are the backbone of our state. But, unfortunately, we are losing too many. As your State Senator, he will use his breadth of experience in agriculture to create new market opportunities, increase research and development capabilities, and invest in our rural infrastructure.

Clean Air, Land & Water

Everyone deserves to feel confident knowing that the water coming out of their tap is safe. Toxic PFAS chemicals are a threat to our health, economy, and communities, whether they are in our water or in everyday household products. As your State Senator, Brad knows we cannot wait for clean water and has led the fight to clean up our drinking water from PFAS contamination.

Brad is committed to restoring environmental protections, lessening the impact of climate change, and pursuing long-term sustainability solutions to ensure access to clean air, land, and water for generations to come.


The men and women who serve our country honorably deserve our support abroad and when they come home. Brad will work to ensure that veterans get the resources and support they deserve, access to family-supporting jobs that will benefit from their leadership experience, and GI funds to pursue higher education here in Wisconsin.

Reproductive Rights

The attacks on reproductive freedoms in Wisconsin and across our country are unacceptable. Brad believes decisions on reproductive healthcare are deeply personal and should be made by individuals and their families without government interference.

Brad will continue to fight like hell to repeal the 1849 Wisconsin criminal abortion ban, codify Roe v. Wade into law, and make sure reproductive freedoms in Wisconsin are fully restored and protected.

Child Care

To grow Wisconsin’s economy and expand our state’s workforce, we must invest in child care. Without reliable and affordable child care, parents cannot work and businesses suffer.

In the State Senate, Brad has been fighting to improve access to child care by supporting the Child Care Counts program, lower the cost of child care for working families, and support child care providers. He will continue to fight for working families and kids.