ICYMI: Brad Pfaff Ranked Most Bipartisan Senator

MADISON, WI — Last Saturday, the La Crosse Tribune ran a story about a memo from the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau — a nonpartisan agency that provides legal, research, and information services to the Legislature — showing State Senator Brad Pfaff (D-Onalaska) was the most bipartisan member of the Wisconsin State Senate this session.

“I am proud to have been the most bipartisan Senator this session,” said Pfaff. “Far too often, those in Madison choose to point fingers instead of rolling up their sleeves and delivering results for Wisconsinites. People are tired of the gridlock and dysfunction. I’ve worked hard to put politics aside and bring people together to address the issues facing working families in our state.”

La Crosse Tribune: Report: State Sen. Pfaff voted in bipartisan manner more than any other senator this session
By: Gavin Michaelson

While working in a chamber heavily controlled by Republicans, a local state senator from the minority party has been singled out for working across the aisle and voting with the majority.

Based on a report requested by state Sen. Dianne Hesselbein, D-Middleton, the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau produced an analysis that found Sen. Brad Pfaff, D-Onalaska, cast the most votes with the opposing party of any senator during the 2023-24 legislative session.

Pfaff said the report highlights his effort to work in a bipartisan fashion.

“These are the values that brought me to the state Senate and that is the values of listening and learning and respecting everyone regardless of their station in life,” Pfaff said. “I believe that there is a lot more that we can get done if we listen to one another … and try and move legislation that reflects the will of the people rather than special interest. There’s more that we can do, but I am glad that there has been some good bipartisan work that we’ve got done.”


While recognizing the importance of beliefs and convictions, Pfaff said it matters to him that the state moves forward and the Senate gets work done.

“At the end of the day, we still need to make sure that we have a functioning democracy that can provide opportunities for economic growth as well as for social growth and social responsibility,” Pfaff said. “If you share with your colleagues where you stand on the issues, but also if you listen to your colleagues and learn from them where they stand on the issues, taking all that in consideration, and also really knowing your district and spending time with the people in your district, it will lead to finding bipartisan solutions on the issues that will help all of us.”


Pfaff grew up on his family’s dairy farm in northern La Crosse County and has dedicated his life to serving the people of Western Wisconsin. He is running for re-election in the 32nd Senate District, which includes La Crosse County, most of Vernon County, southern Trempealeau County, and western Monroe County.