New Polling Shows Brad Pfaff Leads After Voters Hear Derrick Van Orden’s Record on Abortion, Jan. 6, and Harassment

LA CROSSE — Today, Brad Pfaff for Congress released a new poll that shows when Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District voters learn about Derrick Van Orden’s record, they flock to State Senator Brad Pfaff.

“Brad has spent his entire career using western Wisconsin values to fight for working families, and this poll shows that Wisconsin voters are ready to reject radical Derrick in November,” said Kevin Winslow, spokesperson for the Brad Pfaff for Congress campaign. “Working Wisconsinites need a strong voice at the policymaking table, not an insurrectionist on probation with a record of harassment. Brad has never been afraid to fight for the Dairy State, and his homegrown values make him the top choice for voters this fall.”


  • Brad initially trails by 5 points (45-40), but takes the lead by 2 points (44-42) when voters hear about Derrick’s radical record.
    • With a margin-of-error of +/- 3.9%, Brad is already well within striking distance in the head-to-head matchup.
  • Learning about Derrick makes significant percentages of voters less likely to vote for him:
    • 44% less likely due to his stance on abortion
    • 47% due to his participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection
    • 55% for attempting bring a loaded handgun on an airplane, bragging about sexually harassing two female military officers, and verbally harassing a teenaged librarian aide over a gay pride book display
  • Derrick’s slight edge this early in the race is due to high name recognition from running in 2020, whereas Brad has room to grow 11 weeks from the general election.
  • National trends show Democrats are outperforming President Biden’s numbers in special election districts, and recent data shows Republican-friendly environments shrinking.

It’s clear that in this highly competitive race, voters find Derrick Van Orden to be too radical to represent them in Congress. In contrast, Brad is a proud son of the rolling hills, coulees, and valleys of northern La Crosse County, and his homegrown values are exactly what Wisconsinites need in Washington. This is a distinction that Brad is already sharing widely with voters:

WKBT: Brad Pfaff says Derrick Van Orden lacks temperament, character for Congress

La Crosse Tribune: Democrat Pfaff: GOP opponent too extreme for office; Van Orden calls press event a ‘stunt’

Public Policy Polling surveyed 626 Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District voters from August 18-19, 2022. The margin of error is +/- 3.9%. 50% of interviews for the survey were conducted by telephone and 50% by text message.

Read the poll memo here.