Brad Pfaff Slams Derrick Van Orden For Empty House Agriculture Committee Vow

Brad Pfaff: “We need real experience, not Derrick Van Orden on this Committee”

LA CROSSE — Derrick Van Orden has repeatedly pledged to seek a seat on the House Agriculture Committee, but he has only rhetoric and a track record of insurrection, probation, and harassment to bring to the committee. That’s why today, State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff slammed Derrick Van Orden for his commitment to bring zero solutions to the Committee.

“Derrick has done Wisconsin farmers a tremendous disservice by either refusing or being incapable of providing how he will fight for Wisconsin farmers. Allowing him a seat at this table would be disastrous for our district,” said Brad Pfaff. “Derrick is right that we do need representation on this Committee — that’s why I’m running to bring decades of agriculture policy expertise and real solutions to this Committee.”

Brad knows farmers in western and central Wisconsin need a real leader on the Agriculture Committee, not more of Derrick’s nonsense. That’s why Brad is seeking a seat at this policymaking table, and he has the experience to be the effective leader on this Committee that Wisconsin farmers deserve.

Brad’s agriculture experience:

  • Born in the district and raised on a La Crosse County dairy farm
  • Worked at the U.S. Farm Service Agency, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and led the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection
  • Stood up to Madison Republicans for refusing to fund a program designed to prevent farmer suicides

Brad’s plan for Wisconsin farmers:

  • Federal tax policy that recognizes farm transition from one generation to the next
  • Federal investment in agricultural cover crops
  • Federal investment in USDA conservation programs, including farmer-led watershed programs
  • Incentives that allow individual farmers to capture more of the consumer dollar along the agriculture supply chain
  • Federal investment in the agriculture supply chain
  • Ensure USDA enforces organic standard rules on non-compliers
  • Modernize the federal milk marketing order system
  • Expand markets for agriculture products locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally

Derrick’s agriculture experience:

  • Moved to an out-of-district hobby farm

Derrick’s plan for Wisconsin farmers:

  • Where is it?