Brad Pfaff Launches New TV Ad Sharing Very Personal Story About The Choices Only Families Can Make

Brad Pfaff: “I’ll never stop fighting for your right to choose”

LA CROSSE — The Brad Pfaff for Congress campaign today launched the first ad of his general election bid for Wisconsin’s third congressional district. The ad features Brad, his wife Betty, and his daughter Lizzie talking about a difficult moment when Betty was pregnant with Lizzie, and the kinds of choices that only a family can make.

“Like many families in this district, when they were pregnant with their beloved Lizzie, Betty and Brad had to have the kind of conversations with doctors that no family ever wants to have,” said Andrew Whitley, campaign manager at Brad Pfaff for Congress. “Families in this district and across the country need more leaders who know what it feels like to be confronted with life’s hardest questions. They need Brad Pfaff, not some right wing insurrectionist who tried to burn the country down.”

Like so many people in the district, Brad understands the disastrous consequence of having a radical like Derrick Van Orden making women’s reproductive health care choices for them. That’s why Brad was the first state legislator to ask Governor Evers to call a special session to codify Roe v. Wade into state law and to repeal the 1849 abortion ban law. This afternoon, Brad will travel to Stevens Point to hold a press conference on reproductive rights, and in Congress, Brad will fight to make the goal of reproductive freedom a reality nationwide.


BETTY PFAFF: “When we got pregnant with Lizzie, we were so excited. So when the complication started, it was really scary.”

BRAD PFAFF: “We never considered ending the pregnancy, but those are the kinds of decisions only a family can make.”

BRAD PFAFF: “But Derrick Van Orden wants the government to do it. Banning all abortions, even when a woman’s life is at risk.”

BETTY PFAFF: “I’m Betty.”

LIZZIE PFAFF: “I’m Lizzie.”

BRAD PFAFF: “And I’m Brad Pfaff. I approve this message because I’ll never stop fighting for your right to choose.”