Brad Pfaff Celebrates Labor Day with Plan to Bring Manufacturing Back to Wisconsin

LA CROSSE — Today, State Senator and nominee for Congress Brad Pfaff observed Labor Day by vowing to always fight for working families in Congress. In the absence of a single plan, coherent policy proposal, or public appearance by Derrick Van Orden in support of Wisconsin workers, Brad has been stepping up for hardworking families. 

“This Labor Day, I’m celebrating the proud achievements of the labor movement with a plan to cut costs, repair our supply chains, and bring manufacturing back to Wisconsin,” said Brad Pfaff. “My opponent is celebrating by dodging the media and accountability for voters, which should tell you all you need to know about Derrick’s competency for public office. Working families want solutions, not another absurd tweet, which is why I’m honoring Wisconsin’s laborers with solutions that address their real-world concerns.”

In the race for Wisconsin’s 3rd congressional district, it’s clear that Brad is the working family’s candidate. He’s been endorsed by the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, he held a manufacturing roundtable with county supervisors and local leaders last week, and he is the only candidate to release a plan that addresses high costs and invests in domestic manufacturing. Voters need this kind of leadership and transparency from their elected officials, but where is Derrick’s plan? Why is he so afraid to publicly discuss the issues facing working Wisconsinites? Residents in this district deserve answers.